The Queen of Hearts- all images


Wrexham Print International 2011 – catalog

I never actually put any images of it, so there they are

Personal branding done!

First batch of my business cards is done [I’ve printed 800 so i guess it will take some time to cut them…] Still need to print letterhead paper and compliment slips but I am still looking for the right paper. And there are also some other business cards ideas that I had.

just ordered

I have just ordered my portfolio book from blurb. let’s just hope it turns out fine and worth 60 quid I spend on it… ūüôā


Pages Lrg Square v3.pdf

Last days

There is so little time left and so much to do. There is also so much going on and no time to write a blog. Books are finished, portfolio nearly done, business cards will be hopefully done tomorrow. So… It looks like in a few days only thing left to do will be the PDP which everybody hates and I am no exception.

But since we need to show we’ve done some research about the area we want to move into this is what I’ve done:

Well first of all I am spending hours in a library with my son, looking trough children’s books. Now I have so very different approach – analyzing covers, fonts, endpapers, paper used etc.

As¬†I need an access to printing facilities –¬† I found Regional Print Centre with open access and signed up to get e-bulletin. After my maternity break, that I’ll need to take soon, I want to resume my printing.

I also want to submit my stuff to various exhibitions. Next one is 8th British International Mini Print Exhibition. 

I also read 3×3 magazine¬†and their annuals and various books about becoming an illustrator.

My next step is to find a publisher for my book – I’m making a digital version of it.

I have opened an etsy account to sell the artist book I made¬†but I don’t really think¬†it will sell there. Maybe the prints, I will add them after the assessment. But with the book –¬†I might need to find a gallery.

A few photos from portfolio session [two really as I needed to retake¬†the photos taken at school…]

Title page

Doing some research for the cover – need to find some inspiration for nice, elegant label for the front cover. Some things I found: