Last days

There is so little time left and so much to do. There is also so much going on and no time to write a blog. Books are finished, portfolio nearly done, business cards will be hopefully done tomorrow. So… It looks like in a few days only thing left to do will be the PDP which everybody hates and I am no exception.

But since we need to show we’ve done some research about the area we want to move into this is what I’ve done:

Well first of all I am spending hours in a library with my son, looking trough children’s books. Now I have so very different approach – analyzing covers, fonts, endpapers, paper used etc.

As I need an access to printing facilities –  I found Regional Print Centre with open access and signed up to get e-bulletin. After my maternity break, that I’ll need to take soon, I want to resume my printing.

I also want to submit my stuff to various exhibitions. Next one is 8th British International Mini Print Exhibition. 

I also read 3×3 magazine and their annuals and various books about becoming an illustrator.

My next step is to find a publisher for my book – I’m making a digital version of it.

I have opened an etsy account to sell the artist book I made but I don’t really think it will sell there. Maybe the prints, I will add them after the assessment. But with the book – I might need to find a gallery.

A few photos from portfolio session [two really as I needed to retake the photos taken at school…]


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