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website research – again

Surprisingly – not all professional illustrators have proper websites – Adam Hancher for example has a blog but no real website [collective doesn’t really count]. I can’t say I like Penelope Dullaghan’s website – too many options, I think I’d like to keep things simple. Jeremy Holmes’s website is a bit unpersonal, you don’t know if you’re dealing with collective or one person; I think personal touch helps.

So – a few more that I liked: Otto Steininger, Karen Greenberg, Stephanie Wunderlich, Lasse Skarbovik


website research

Illustrators whose websites I liked – mostly for clarity, simplicity and layout:

Melinda Beck, Jens Bonnke, Greg Clarke, Craig Frazier, Ben Goss, Olaf Hajek, Dan Page, Gina Triplett, Martin Haake, Marco Wagner, Ashley Barron [one of my favourites]

But I have to admitt there was a few illustrators that I really like, like Yoko Furusho, Daniel Bueno or James Yang, whose websites I didn’t like very much.

And a few websites [ like, Guido Scarabottolo’s website] were very interesting but not very practical.  Something to think about.

The Queens of Hearts – images

A big update in images – scaned in eventually and here they are. Still a few more to come!

I capture the castle – finals

I capture the Castle – visuals

I capture the castle – research

Apart from obvious thing which is getting familiar with the novel itself, characters, reviews etc. I have been searching for some inspiration and this is what I found

End papers

Those are pictures I’ve taken today altough endpapers have done for a while. Those are monoprints, photocopies and eventually screenprints – those will be used for the endpapers. I will also scan then in for the digital version of the book.